Services API

A service is an endpoint (like Nagios, email, or an API call) that generates events, which Pagerduty normalizes and dedupes, creating incidents.

When a service is shown inlined in other resources, a deleted service will have its html_url attribute set to null.

This API lets you access and manipulate the services across your account.
Resource Description
GET services List existing services.
GET services/:id Get details about an existing service.
POST services Create a new service.
PUT services/:id Update an existing service.
DELETE services/:id Delete an existing service. Once the service is deleted, it will not be accessible from the web UI and new incidents won't be able to be created for this service.
PUT services/:id/disable Disable a service. Once a service is disabled, it will not be able to create incidents until it is enabled again.
PUT services/:id/enable Enable a previously disabled service.
POST services/:id/regenerate_key Regenerate a new integration/service key for an existing service.