Schedules API

On call schedules determine the time periods that users are on-call. Only when a user is on-call he is eligible to receive alerts from incidents.
This API allows users to manipulate on-call schedules.
Resource Description
GET schedules List existing on-call schedules.
GET schedules/:id Show detailed information about a schedule, including entries for each layer and sub-schedule.
GET schedules/:id/users List all the users on-call in a given schedule for a given time range.
POST schedules Create a new on-call schedule.
PUT schedules/:id Update an existing on-call schedule.
POST schedules/preview Preview the configuration of an on-call schedule.
DELETE schedules/:id Delete an on-call schedule.
GET schedules/:id/entries List schedule entries that are active for a given time range for a specified on-call schedule.
Pro Tip
Going on vacation? Standard schedule layering not cutting it for you?
Check out the Schedule Overrides API for setting up exceptions to your on-call schedules.